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23 January 2013 @ 11:56 am
Designer McDonald's by Amy Amos  
McFancy was graphic designer Amy Moss's idea for fashion week, to create a highly stylish set of packaging designs based on high luxury fashion brands.

Images from Eat Drink Chic
The Burberry burger takes the key elements of Burberry's iconic designs and puts them right across the packaging. The same is performed the Hermes who's brand image is quite simple and based around their brand name and logo. The delicate features of this packaging are what really gives it that high quality edge, the frilled top to the fries carton along with the round sticker placed perfectly in the middle of the burger box.

Despite the fact that the exterior packaging isn't McDonald's branded and is in places an entirely different shape it is still obvious that they are McDonald's products which says a lot about the brand. The simple and pale stickers on the Chanel burger and the D&G water really do make them look professional and the added touches of the champagne flute and fancy white cutlery makes the whole thing desirable and believable. Unlike the Hermes Chip holder design the Gucci one is a different shape which does look of higher quality particularly with the ornate sleeve. The whole set of designs look fantastic and have been incredibly well crafted and thought out.