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01 February 2013 @ 02:52 pm
Today, things are popcorn packaging crazy! All over my Pinterest feed, popcorn is popping up (please be warned the popcorn puns will not get any better) and quite frankly I am enjoy it immensely. The whole popcorn packaging design trend was possibly started by Brand Opus's redesign of Butterkist, an icon popcorn brand sold at cinemas everywhere. Since popcorn has risen in popularity with snackers across the globe the market for consumers to choose from has only increased. With this the competition when it comes to packaging design has also seen a huge rise and as the standard gets higher we see other companies trying their hand in the popcorn game too.
Images from Pinterest
This is a classic example of an exciting new popcorn brand with new and exciting packaging design. The bright orange of the packaging grabs the consumers attention straight off and directs them to the interesting flavour described. 'Sweet & Spicy' sounds highly unusual in popcorn terms and its unconventional colour seems to reflect that. This said however the new trend in popcorn packaging has begun to reflect a louder more exciting packaging style. The use of wooden texture on bowl, highlighted by the pink, gives it a modern and luxurious feel. Someone likely to eat their popcorn from a wooden bowl obviously has a particular sense of style and some amount of money.
Another brightly coloured piece of packaging with an exciting flavour combination. The background of the packaging appears to be an image of some sort of scenery, giving the packaging a more 3D feel, it has a depth behind it rather than just colours. The green is also colour association with the flavour of wasabi and the same with the brown and the ginger flavour. The fresh white and brown with the simple typography makes it clear what the product is and keeps everything fresh and clean.
Patricia DulaneyPatricia Dulaney on February 15th, 2013 12:55 am (UTC)
I love popcorn!!! :)
Olivia Pottspackagingsupply on February 15th, 2013 11:35 am (UTC)
Thank you me to!