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07 February 2013 @ 11:35 am
Packed Lunch A-go-go  
Having explored the realms of pre-packed lunches I think it is important we don't ignore the beauty of packed lunches and their packaging. Depending on what kind of packed lunch you look at you'll find different methods of packaging. As a teenager I always took the 'throw it all in a box and hope for the best' approach but taking a look on the internet it is clear I have missed a trick.

Planetbox Bento Lunch Boxes - so getting this for my girl when she goes into Kindergarten.
images from Pinterest
Boxes and tins with dividers in to keep your food separate is a great way to encourage yourself to pack fresh fruit and veggies as well as other home made delights. You can also find bigger boxes and fill them with smaller boxes full of lunch time snacks. With a myriad of different coloured plastic these little boxes will be re-usable and brighten up your day.
Chirping Crickets Bento

Another style of lunch box is the bento box. A classic Japanese style packed lunch which uses food to make pictures and animals. Using rice and vegetables or sushi to create things such as pandas or Pokemon characters. This style of lunch only needs a simple plastic box or tin. It would however be no good for an on the go lunch or for a child as it would get bashed around and take too long to eat