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15 February 2013 @ 01:25 pm
Coca-cola packaging  
It seems to me that every 6 months or so there is suddenly a whole new range of coca-cola packaging to explore, designed by fashion designers, artists and various other people in popular creative positions around the world.
Diet Coke Unveils Marc Jacobs-Designed Cans
images from Pinterest
Taking Marc Jacobs fashion flare and adding it to the ever stylish diet coke packaging creates something wonderful. For two of the designs, The designs take elements of the diet coke colours and typography and apply them to clothing designs that represent perhaps what women who drink diet coke might want from their fashion style. The patterns in the background make it immediately obvious that this is no ordinary coke can and these designs range from feminine to less feminine. The majority of the market for diet coke is female however not all females enjoy large amount of pink and purple as is sometimes assumed when it comes to product packaging.
#Versace designs a second set of limited-edition Coca-Cola light designer bottles for Europe
Following the fashion designer trend these Versace design bottles take the limited edition route down the coke packaging lane. Not only are they European (hence the name coca-cola light rather than diet coke) but they are also in bottle format rather than a can.  This makes them more of a collectable rather than something you would find in the supermarket. The designs themselves are incredibly wacky and have an element of the coca-cola 'brighter side of life' tv advert about them.