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13 March 2013 @ 11:17 am
The Barbers - Finest Gentlemen's Care  
With the popularity of Movember increasing, along with the pop culture surrounding mustaches the rest of the year round, they are becoming an ever popular accessory for males as well as a cute brand idea. It was about time then that the barber industry had a go at creating something exciting in this field and what better to create than some excellent packaging. SOERENTIBOR design agency have developed some stunning graphic design for use on labels, creating a fantastic base for a set of wonderful packaging designs.

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Image from The Die Line
The graphic design looks polished and has a professional feel to it. The stamped effect on the 'The' makes it look like it has been impressed on leather or stamped on paper using ink. The modern feel to the rest of the typography shows a mix between traditional and new - relating to the methods of the modern barber shop. The image of the untied bow tie not only gives an element of class but is also more subtle than a tied bow tie. An untied one suggests that a gentleman knows how to tie a bow tie - giving a sense of status and intelligence. The fragrance bottles themselves have a very simple design with cool and sophisticated colours which are quite modern. The stoppers are what brings the whole brand together however. Not only do they mirror the popular image of a mustache but they also give options, each with a different personality - making them far more interesting. Even if the consumer doesn't have a mustache, it is the persona that the symbol gives to the brand which is likely to entice them to purchase it. Not only does it appear modern and on trend but also, mustaches take care and attention to look after, much like a bow tie does to tie correctly. This brand is for the male who wishes to take care and attention and gives the product and consumer an element of class.