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25 April 2013 @ 11:29 am
Why the written letter will never go out of fashion.  
Writing a letter has been a source of communication for thousands of years and despite the evolution of technology, millions of letters are still making their way around the world as we speak. Just as we say that writing things down will keep them in our heads for longer, reading something on paper is far more likely to go in your head than reading something on a screen. Hence why we get our bills, pay checks and bank statements as letters, our brains can process the information better and therefore we will remember to pay or file them.

Letter writing is by no means an instant form of communication, making email, sms and instant messaging far more popular when you need a response fast. Electronic communication has taken over our lives and made everything easier, from asking your friend to bring some wine round to keeping in touch with someone on the other side of the world. These forms of instant communication however are just that, instant. No time or effort is ever really taken in composing them, spell and grammar checkers will ensure that our English is good and different fonts and layouts make everything look attractive - but all of this takes practically no time at all.

Writing a letter however is a much lengthier process, you need paper, a pen, an envelope and you might want to draft it first to ensure that you don't make any horrible mistakes. All this effort means you aren't going to send someone a letter asking them what they want for dinner, you need to have something worth while reading to say, that requires thought. Once the process of drafting, proof reading and writing it up is complete you then have to post it, which requires stamps and a post box (easier thought of than found) and then you have to wait for the recipient to receive it and go through the same process to reply. All of this doesn't sound that appealing, however when you receive a letter in return the experience is well worth the wait. Instead of text on a screen you have a physical piece of paper, with someones handwriting upon it, that they have put time, effort and thought into writing. Letter writing is a far more personal experience than sending a message will ever be.

Send a letter to someone you care about and feel gratified when you get a response, no matter how easy it is to send an electronic message, it will never be as personal as something created from paper and ink.