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14 June 2013 @ 01:19 pm
Why Does The Modern Business Need Envelopes?  
Envelopes have been with us for donkey’s years and few of us are ignorant of the benefits of having those paper wallets around. However, with the advent of the computer, and more importantly, of the Internet, envelopes have lost the important place they occupied in organisations. Instead of writing letters by hand or thumping them out on a typewriter, folding them up and shoving them into an envelope and then dashing to the post office, we simply write an email. No matter where the recipient is in the world, they get the email almost instantaneously.
With Skype it’s even faster as the two parties can either chat or talk to each other in real time even while continents apart. So why should businesses still dedicate a portion of their budget to envelopes? For starters, not everything can be sent electronically. Those into the education business will want to give students who do well certificates and these will need to be sent by post. When students are applying for admission into universities they will also need envelopes to pack and send their documents securely. In the same token businesses whenever businesses need to send such documents as contracts, they’ll need to use envelopes.
Any serious business will always have events to commemorate achievements and for other similar reasons. They will need to invite guests and much as this can be done by email or a telephone call, courtesy dictates that an invitation card be sent. It would be weird and be perceived as a dire lack of etiquette for one to send the card naked without being clothed in an envelope. Cards are also sent by businesses to suppliers and customers during the holiday season as a form of appreciation for their partnership.