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14 June 2013 @ 01:24 pm
The Ultimate Guide To Gift Wrapping  
Gift wrapping is not just a matter of dressing a gift up on colourful paper so that it’s hard to guess what’s in the package. It’s an art, but happily, a skill anyone with the time can learn. If you want your wrapping to not only neatly cover the gift, you want it to have a bit or character, a bit of flourish, here are a few simple steps you can follow.
First and foremost you must shop around for the wrap that both speaks to your heart and will likely please the object of your affection. Make sure you buy or order a size big enough to cover the gift and leave a couple of extra inches on top. Remember you’ll be doing quite a bit of cutting and folding. When you have the paper and gift ready, find enough space to work on and begin.
Cut the paper to the right size, again making allowance for folding over all sides of the gift. If your gift box is rectangular, begin folding with the long sides. Bring both sides over the box and pull them tight so as to leave no space. While holding the two flaps of wrapping paper firmly, tape over the middle of the box.
The next step is to close the two open ends. What you want is to create nice flaps that can neatly fold over each other. To achieve this, push the left and right edges of the wrapping paper standing on the end inwards and downwards. Press the folds tight to form two triangle-like flaps. Fold the top flap down and tape it and then repeat the same for the bottom flap. Treat the other end of the box in the same way. You’ll be left with a nice little package which you can embellish with a ribbon shaped into a bow or flower.