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14 June 2013 @ 01:32 pm
7 Ways To Put Branding On Your Packaging  
Putting your brand on the packaging of your products is more than just a matter of slapping your logo and company colours on the box or wrapper containing your merchandise. It means finding the most effective way of using your packaging to project a message to potential buyers. There are a number of ways to do this as we shall now see.
Most anyone desiring to own a laptop immediately thinks of the sophisticated silver outer cover of Macbooks with the simple bitten apple on the back. You can tell that plenty of thought went into the placing of the logo and the choosing of the colour.
Using the right fonts on the packaging is just as important as the logo and slogan. That is why Coca Cola has not changed the styling of the letters on its soft drink bottles for decades and it still dominates this market segment.
Speaking of Coca Cola, reflect for a moment on the unique shape of its 300ml bottle. Many a musician has described the woman in their song as having a ‘Coke bottle figure’. That is the power of association a unique choice of packaging shape can have.
Materials used for packaging also play a role. Going back to Apple; the metallic back of its iPod touch series set them apart from other mp3 players in the market.
When it comes to choice of slogan, Nike takes the cake in the sports gear market. ‘Just Do It’ is simple enough to memorise and creates an easy link to high performance in sports. It is also short enough to fit conspicuously on that sports bag or water bottle.
It’s not always about the size of the logo you put on a product; where you put it is just as important. Think of that BMW logo that fits snugly at the centre of your keyholder. It may look small but think of how many times those keys are before the eyes; on the table, on the dresser, in the hands etc.    
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