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14 June 2013 @ 03:33 pm
Why Are These Alcohol Bottles So Alluring?  
The two bottles shown above are automatic attention magnets. The question is: how are they so attractive?
The bottle on the left exudes a unique exotic aura. The red wine (or champagne) blends perfectly with the modern and smooth shape of the container. It is a drink for ladies; one can see immediately that this is something that ladies would crave for. The head of the bottle itself speaks of grandiose and royalty. The color of the wine, the shape of the bottle, and the design of the print somehow delicately say that it is a wine for a wild night filled with enjoyment and fun.
The bottle on the right is more masculine. Indeed, if it speaks of anything, it speaks nothing less than the absolute masculinity of those who drink it. In the same degree, the choice of label colors also gives a hint of exclusivity. The color, the shape, the texture, and the succinct labels never fail to reveal strength and passion. It is a hard drink for strong and real men -- that is what the bottle says.
The most popular drinks are popular not merely because of the overall taste, but because of the looks as well. Basically, the eyes feast in as much as the tongue does. Screen Shot 2013-06-14 at 15.32.39