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Olivia Potts
Social media is basically one of the places in the internet that can actually attract as much as a billion users in a single day. There are a lot of social media websites out there; and while they are not all equally successful, they still attract quite a number of customers. Big or small, fledging companies must take advantage of the magnetic effect of the social networking sites in order to reach out to as many customers as possible.
But, it does not mean that making use of social networking sites would automatically make you a hot commodity. There is so much to learn and so much to do in order to be able to properly take advantage of the social networking sites. This article would help you out in this particular challenge.
The first thing that you need to do, of course, is to make an account on these websites. The most popular social networking sites today are Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkdIn, Tumblr, Google+, and China’s Weibo. Basically, maintaining active accounts on these sites would be a good start.
The next thing to do is to make sure that these accounts are active. In other words, they must be constantly updated. You have to post your new products, and you have to add as many friends or contacts as possible. Of course, the former is very important. When you do succeed in ballooning your friends list, you have to make sure that you do not disappoint them; you have to make sure that their profiles and walls always have updates from your profile.
  Joining forums is also another trick that can help you out. Basically, all you need to do is to connect with competitors, and join their social media forums as well. Of course, you have to somehow add a hyperlink to your comment or discussion. But do not do this always. Excessive use of hyperlinks is bad for business.
Olivia Potts
The top packaging design websites you should be reading and why
The internet is truly the one and only place where you can find almost everything together. This is a good thing on the one hand; this is also a disadvantage on the other. Basically, it is bad primarily because of the fact that you will be able to find the best along with the very worst. And, more often than not, it is hard to distinguish between the two, especially in the eyes of a newbie. That being said, this article will discuss some of the best packaging design websites which would be most helpful to you.
Anthem is truly one of the best in the business. They have won numerous awards and other recognitions for their many handiworks. To cite an example of their designs which are globally recognized, they have designed the Coca Cola package which was used during the grandiose Beijing Olympics.
This UK-based design website will surely be of best service to you and your packaging needs. What sets this organization apart is the fact that they will offer you the opportunity to look at packing designs from many artists. They hold a packaging design contest on a weekly basis, as a matter of fact. This website is most ideal for people in the UK, for obvious reasons.
This is another UK-based design organization. You might assume that this is a French group of designers because of the name, but they are really not. But, who cares? In the world of business, it does not matter where you are from; what matters most is the quality of the products that you make. And, these guys really are one of the best. They have bagged a couple of international awards to prove it.
 The name of the company seems metaphorical. They seem to be trying to project that they are the ‘big fish’ in the sea. In other words, they are the real deal. And, indeed, there is no question that they really do belong to the top class of designers not just in the UK, but all over the world as well.
As the name implies, these website will help your organization bloom and grow into one big and competitive organization selling world-class products and services. They really do live up to the expectations, and they have several awards under their belt to prove that they deserve to be among the best packaging design wesbites all over the world.
Olivia Potts
12 June 2013 @ 04:06 pm
Is there such a thing as bad packaging? If it does exist, how can it really ruin your business? This article will answer these questions in detail.
First, what is a bad package? The Encarta dictionary defines a package as ‘a container made of wood, plastic, or other materials in which goods are packed for sale, storage, or transportation.’ Therefore, is there a thing as bad packing? Basically, bad packing may refer to several things. One, if you do not make use of proper or durable materials that your packing material is easily torn or destroyed, then we can say that you have bad packing. And, needless to say, it is very bad for business. Two, if you do not use the right packing material for the right goods to be packed, then we can also say that it is bad packing. There are diverse packing materials out there. All of them come in different sizes and even colors. Each unique packing material is intended for particular products. Therefore, if you are sending a mail to a boss, you do not make use of the cardboard box or a big manila envelope, you would simply need a window envelope.
The two examples mentioned are just a few of the many instances which can be classified as bad packing. How are they bad for business. For your information, if you do not know it yet, your packaging material is also the product that you sell. Whatever value you give your product should also be the value you give to your packing material. In business, packaging is everything. Thus, bad packaging would be disastrous for your company.
Olivia Potts
Business has dramatically and significantly evolved in the last couple of decades. While the base factors and the very principles of business have relatively stayed as is, everything else has advanced in an impressive rate. Now in this era of computers and all things digital and web-based, the business world has become a much smaller place. As such, now more than ever, you need to be able to come up with means to interact with customers online.
There are several things that you can do to fulfill this end. Here are the top 5 most creative means of doing so:
Make your very own website. This is, as a matter of fact, basic. Indeed, businesses today all have websites. If you do not have a website, your business can probably go down in a matter of months. You need to maintain a website in order for you and your business to be visible in the web.
Basically, you have to be creative in making your website. If you are a web designer or a software engineer, then this would not be much of a trouble. Still, it would do you so much good if you actually hire people which are experts when it comes to web designing. It will cost you some, of course. But, then again, the things that are free are really not worth getting.
Create social media accounts. This is another important thing: you have to make yourself visible in the social media sites. There are 5 popular sites; we have Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google+, and LinkdIn. There are several others, and it would be advantageous on your part to have active accounts in all of these social media.
You can also have blogs. Basically, you can make blogs which, of course, describe your business and the products that you sell. You can offer advises and tips on how they can, for example, find the best products or services. Your blogs must be helpful as they are informative. Do not make use of article duplicators just to multiply the number of blogs. This is bad for business. Article duplicators or spinners do not really make original articles; rather, they make up a nonsense form of an original article.
Another hard-to-ignore strategy that you can employ is the e-mail blasting. Basically, this involves the use of an application which you need to purchase so that your website automatically sends advertising emails to someone who visits your site. This will not work at once, and it may even be annoying to some, but the results will be more positive as time goes by.
Lastly, you need to have promotional strategies. These strategies would truly entice possible customers into learning more about your products. Of course, once these customers online are in your radar, do not disappoint them.
Olivia Potts
12 June 2013 @ 03:56 pm
An e-commerce expert is someone who needs to be very well acquainted with the world of commerce and with the internet itself. Basically, e-commerce is money making and all related factors thereof with a twist – almost 99 per cent of all transactions are done online. Therefore, it truly needs specific set of skills in order for one to be called as an expert in e-commerce.
To be an expert in this particular field, you need to have advanced knowledge and know-how on marketing, and Search Engine Optimization or SEO. Commerce, per se, needs some form of advertising. As a matter of fact, advertising is an integral part of commerce. In this digital age, advertising is more complicated. SEO is one strategy through which you will be able to spread around the name of your company or your brand to as many internet users as possible. SEO is as complicated as sophisticated as it sounds. You need to be both intelligent and experienced to be an SEO expert.
With this brief description, we ask ourselves: is it, then, possible to be an expert in e-commerce in 5 days? The answer: yes. Of course, this is speaking relatively in the sense that you need to have maximum focus in order to be able to absorb all the things that you need to absorb in too short a time. You also need to embrace the fact that trial and error is involved here. In other words, expect that you will earn some, but you will lose more in the beginning. But, that is just a normal part of the learning curve.
Basically, if you put these basic things in mind, and if you already have a good set of know-how when it comes to marketing, then you will be able to be an e-commerce expert in 5 days.
Olivia Potts
Moving home is a stressful time that everyone wishes they could delegate the responsibility to someone else but they ultimately end up doing themselves or if they get help, they still stick around to supervise and manage. This is because moving home is one of those sensitive things that need a personal touch or otherwise they may end up in chaos or the owner may end up losing many of their valued possessions. The individual homeowner knows best what they have in the house and also knows best the worth of their belongings hence they are best suited to know how to handle the moving. They should also know what goes into each of the boxes so that they will have an easy time unpacking.

When using the boxes to pack the home items, one should use a careful and knowledgeable approach so as to provide the best protection for the items. This is so as to have the smoothest operation that would make the whole process faster. For example, one should not pack heavy items into big boxes; this is because the bigger the box, the easier it will be for the box to break when carrying heavy things. The box may also prove to be too heavy to carry if it is too heavy. When moving many items, it is better to handle small manageable loads than big heavy loads that might bring around fast exhaustion or even lead to injury.

The owner should also take extra effort when selecting boxes to use for moving. They should try and get the sturdiest boxes available. Sturdy boxes are less likely to crumble under pressure and will hence still provide protection in the harshest of conditions. Boxes with sturdy walls are also less affected by wetness. Boxes are normally affected by moisture since the walls absorb the wetness and this makes them soggy and may eventually disintegrate. Sturdy walls will not absorb the moisture as easily as the weaker walls.

When moving home also there are several boxes that will be used. It is inevitable that we may need to stack boxes on top of each other so as to maximise on space usage. When the boxes are stacked up in this way, the boxes that are below will experience a lot of pressure and if they are not strong enough they could burst or the walls might collapse. Sturdy walls would offer a better opportunity to stack them better.
Olivia Potts
03 June 2013 @ 10:09 am
Many a times after we buy stuff from many outlets we are issued with a slip of paper that comes from a machine that seems to be forever spewing more of the same. This piece of paper that one is issued is actually cut from a larger roll which is in the machine. The roll of paper is known as the till roll. The till roll has replaced the old way of issuing receipts for goods sold as it helps to instantly print all the details of a purchase in a very convenient way. There are many kinds of till rolls available in the market today. The different types offer different features to suit anyone. The different types vary in terms of quality and functionality giving the buyer options in terms of pricing and application.

Old fashioned cash register at HCB
Image from Pinterest
Among the different types of till rolls there is the simple till roll which consists of a single strip of paper that is printed on using ink. This type is probably the cheapest type available. It is however not the most preferred since it is messy due to the use of ink and also it does not produce copies which are invaluable when it comes to record keeping and the calculation of tax. There is also the multi-ply till rolls. These could be 2-ply or 3-ply. With this type of till roll, one has to use an impact printer. The strips of paper in this till roll have some loosely attached pigmentation (originally carbonic) at the bottom. What happens is that when characters and numbers are stamped on the top strip, the image is copied to the strips beneath. Using this type of till rolls is also not very clean but the user is able to produce several copies instantly. There is also the thermal till roll; this type of roll is used by a special type of printer that has a thermal print head, i.e. it uses heat to transfer images. The strip of paper is coated on one side with a special heat sensitive coating that will produce an image on the points where heat is applied. This is the most preferred type of till roll since it is less messy and more cost effective since no ink is used. It is also faster in outputting the receipts and is less noisy.
Once printed on, the till rolls that use ink will maintain their markings for a longer time than those which are carbon copies. The thermal till rolls will also fade fast with the passage of time.
Olivia Potts
In the business world we live in today, it is important that every businessman identifies professional associates, contractors, partners, or other outsourced partners with whom to deal with. This is crucial because the people with whom one works with will directly influence the kind of output one will have. A poor accountant will for example lead to false or wrong financial estimates which could easily lead to a company getting bankrupt. On the other hand, a competent accountant will lead to wise projections that could transform a company into a multimillion company. For a company to be successful all the departments need to be working at their optimum with the least of shortcomings. The packaging company should also be one of the highest integrity.

Just like any other supplier, the packaging suppliers have to be carefully vetted before one gets into any relationship with them. All packaging suppliers will generally advertise themselves as being the best and this is an effort to attract as much business as possible. It is however not always true and the many suppliers will greatly vary in different ways. It is the duty of one to do background research to find out which supplier will best suit the demands. Many of these suppliers will be very professional in their work but there are a few who are not very professional and could lead to future problems and it would be wise to avoid them completely.

Image from Google
One of the worst things that a packaging supplier could be is undependable. This is especially when it comes to delivery. A business runs on demand and a good manager will always be able to predict demand trends and compare the rate of the packaging being used up versus the stock in the store. They will therefore be able to know when the stock will get finished and therefore order for more in advance. If however the packaging company does not deliver in time, the business can be forced to stop operating awaiting the packaging to be delivered and this could result in a lot of lost revenue.

Unprofessional packaging companies will also not be very keen on the quality of the products they supply. If one finds multiple faulty items in the supplied stock, this is a worrying sign. Also the unprofessional company will be hesitant or will refuse to replace the faulty pieces. This will end up being a loss for the business. So look out for good quality products at competitive prices.
Olivia Potts
24 May 2013 @ 04:33 pm
Bubble wrap is a common thing today. This could be because it is so widely used in the packaging of many items especially items that are sensitive to shock and vibration forces. This includes electronic devices, items that are fragile e.g. glasses and fragile plastics, and it is also used to protect ceramic or pottery items. Bubble wrap is also very popular due to the entertainment it is used to provide. Everybody who has come across the bubble wraps has definitely tried to pop the bubbles. The bursting bubbles usually produce a popping sound and the effect has an entertaining effect. Specialists have even proved that bursting of the bubbles has a therapeutic effect of calming one’s self.
Bubble wrap was invented by two gentlemen quite by accident. The two gentlemen were in the business of making wall decorations. In an attempt of coming up with a unique design where they would have textured wallpaper, Alfred Fielding and Marc Chavannes stumbled upon the idea of using their end product to provide cushioning for packaged items. The bubbled plastic proved to be very effective. They formed the Seal Air Company that grew very popular with the production of the bubble wraps. Many people took up bubble wrap as the preferred option for protecting items in transit.
Image from Google
Apart from offering protection from shock and vibration forces, bubble wrap is also used in packaging to fill the voids in a container. When objects are placed in a container such as a box, they may leave some voids which will cause the object to move around within the container and this could cause damage if the object bangs against another. Bubble wrap can be used to fill the gaps and effectively limit the movement of the contents.
There are many other areas where the bubble wraps can be used. Bubble wrap is frequently used as an insulator. It is used in times of low temperatures to protect plants. The bubble wrap is used to cover flower pots to prevent the moisture from freezing. People also use the bubble wrap to insulate their windows to keep their rooms warmer and still enjoy the natural light. This is also applied on vehicle windows. Other uses include designing things such as clothes. Great designs are made from bubble wrap and it especially makes very good raincoats since it is waterproof.
Bubble wrap is very popular also since it is very cheap and available. It can also be used many times without losing value or functionality. It makes as a very good option for businesses which always strive to find efficient and cost effective solutions.
Olivia Potts
The word box could be used to mean a shape of the box but it mainly means a container with flat sides with opposite sides of equal length. Apart from the spherical shape that the pots had, the boxes could be one of the most ancient packaging solutions used by man. In the past, many materials have been used to build packaging boxes. Natural materials such as wood, bark, or weaved reeds were used among many others. With the advancement of technology other materials were manufactured that made even better boxes, this included metal sheets, wooden boards and veneers. When paper was introduced people went on to produce tough corrugated boards that made excellent boxes. These are still used today and are some of the best packaging solutions.

One of the major factors that led to the extreme popularity of cardboard boxes is their cheap prices. Corrugated boards can be made out of waste paper and the process of making the boards is not expensive at all. The boxes can also be recycled making them even cheaper and also makes them a packaging option friendly to the environment. Cardboard boxes as has been mentioned are made from paper which is made from wood. The resulting corrugated board is a very clean product that is also very sanitary. This is because the cardboard does not react in any way and is not harmful in any way. It makes the boxes a good method for storing even dry foodstuff such as dry cereals, fruits, and other farm produce.

Image from Ikea
The boxes also offer good protection for all the contents stored within. When goods or items are in storage, they are at times at the risk of damage from forces within the immediate environment. This could include damage from things falling on the contents, items banging on the package or things such as wetness, sunlight, wind, unfavourable temperatures, pests and rodents, and such like risks. The boxes will offer adequate protection. Although the boxes can be destroyed by wetness or extreme compression forces, the boxes provide considerable protection if the box is placed in a strategic location.
Boxes will also give the stored items within security. Boxes are designed with flaps that can be used to completely shut in the contents. When the box flaps are shut, one cannot tell what is in a box. The box flaps can be fastened using staples, tape or straps.