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29 January 2013 @ 02:56 pm
Star Wars packaging  
Packaging design is usually well thought out and creatively put together to solve a problem in terms of keeping a product protected or marketing it to consumers. This is the very best of my finds in the world of Star Wars packaging, taking geeky to a whole new level.
Duracell Batteries - cool packaging for geeks
Image from Pinterest
When people think of the internets geekiest obsession, star wars is definitely one of the top things to come to mind. It is no doubt with all its technological wizardry then that it is Duracell that have adopted their iconic characters faces. The notion that all Duracell have had to use is simple line drawings with strategic colour placement to get across clear characters shows just how powerful these characters are. The slogans 'Stormtroopers run on Duracell' are also very clever.

Coca-Cola also took a shot at Star Wars-ing it up on their packaging, with some limited edition coke and sprite cans with some great action shots of characters printed on they. They have since become collectors items and have fallen into the general geekery of it all as opposed to the Duracell packaging which, whilst it is quite distinctive, can still be taken seriously.

Some amusing attempts at Star Wars cereal has been created, the names have been edited to become Star Wars related. For example, Fruit Loops have been changed to 'Troop Loops' showing an image of a Stormtrooper. Admiral Ackbar, Count Dookular and Raisin Han are other examples which verge more on the hilarious than the excellent.