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29 January 2013 @ 02:58 pm
Foodie packaging and gift wrapping  
At this time of year it is often a battle between dieting and cooking more home made food. After perfects recipes at home at the start of the year, as friends birthdays come along and family gatherings, food related gifts become easier to give. This leaves the dilemma of how to wrap them, you cannot simply slap some cake into the middle of a piece of wrapping paper.

Gumdrop fudge
images from Pinterest
Whether its brownies, cupcakes or other sweet treats made in the kitchen, these oriental takeaway style containers are all the rage and wonderfully practical for all kinds of kitchen made gifts. You can often buy them at low prices in large numbers which is great for giving gifts to large numbers of people. They're also often plain white and so can be decorated and customised as much as wanted. You could add tissue paper and ribbon or a sticker or two to the outside of the box.
ideas from thinkgarnish.com: chalkboard painted lids + dipped wooden utensils
These little waterproof cardboard pots are great for giving out leftovers or proper food you have made for family. These ones have been painted with chalk board paint to allow them to be reused. You can fill them with all manner of things sweet or savoury and can be easily customised. They could be wrapped in brightly patterned craft card to make them patterned you could also attach a ribbon to hold on your fork or spoon. If you don't have any chalk board paint a label is a great way to identify the product inside.