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21 March 2013 @ 03:07 pm
You don’t need to play barn when you have cardboard boxes.  
Cardboard boxes are truly amazing creations of human ingenuity. These devices were meant to be packing materials, and they truly serve their purpose well. Basically, the packaging box was meant as a replacement of the wooden crates which were obviously very heavy. The crates are useful only when shipping large loads, but they were impractical when transferring loads in land. Indeed, no horse was strong enough to carry crates from one locale to another. After all, the wooden crate was a significant addition to the overall weight of the goods.
The packaging box, not surprisingly, is very useful at home. We can use it to organize things. As a matter of fact, many homes all over the world make use of the packaging box as a toy box. We do not need to buy expensive boxes for our children’s toys; we merely need a cheap and light packaging box. New families, as a matter of fact, use the box as containers for their clothes. Because boxes are cheap, you can get as many as you want so it is relatively easier to organize things.

Making a cardboard box house.
Image from Pinterest
The packaging boxes, especially if you have a lot of these, can even be used as toys for your children. If you have plenty of these packing materials, and if you have a good deal of an imagination, you would surely be able to come up with toys and games that your children would surely enjoy even without going out.
One such toy that you can make out of the packaging box is the fort. Of course, this needs quite a lot of your packaging materials, plus a cutter and a packaging tape. The idea of this toy is to make tunnels which your children can crawl into. The more complicated the fort is, the better. Children love forts. They can use it to play hide and seek, or even tag. If you make your children a fort, especially a big one, they would never want to play anything else for a long time.
To make it more fun, you have to make use of other materials. For instance, you can put a blanket on some of the entrances and exits. This makes it more suspenseful for the children. Indeed, if they have a fort or two back home, they would never dream of playing outside. They would always look forward of coming home and playing in their cardboard box fort.
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